Purcellville Artisan Holiday Gift Show

Purcellville Artisan Holiday Gift Show

December 5, 2015 10:00 am

Purcellville Train Station, 200 N. 21st Street, Purcellville, VA 20132

Several Loudoun area artists will be showing their work at the Purcellville Train Station on December 5th.

There will be a total of thirteen artists showing, and selling, their pieces. Just in time for the holidays!

Participating Artists:

❉ Anne Stine, mixed media ❉
❉ Deb Morrow, mixed media & photography ❉
❉ Sally Malloy, potter and owner, Purcellville Pottery & Local Arts ❉
❉ Rebecca Tighe, oil painter ❉
❉ Melinda Croft, potter ❉
❉ Sherry Beeson, beaded jewelry ❉
❉ Meredith Hilt, jewelry ❉
❉ Holly Green, indigo dye, and reclaim artist ❉
Dave Levinson, photographer
❉ kathy kupka, photographer & author ❉
❉ Grace Taylor Jinnah, fine art, jewelry ❉
❉ Liz Potter Hall, jewelry ❉
❉ Sandi Galle, photographer ❉

Cupcakes by Claudia Schumann, Cafe Schumann

☛ BOOK SIGNING 10-12 am
kathy kupka, Author, “Cancer is Ruff”

beatrice baxter, ryan taylor, cole zimmerman,
michael preston from the group “The Immortals”
❖ Music by Willie White at 3:00 pm

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