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All In The Timing – The Play

All In The Timing – The Play

The arts are alive and well in Loudoun County. On nearly any given night you can find a art receptions, plays, comedy troops or performances in any one of many unique venues throughout the county. Last night in Purcellville was the opening of the David Ives’ play All In The Timing. The performance was held at Grandale Farm, which hosts dinner theater events on a regular basis. They also happen to offer a fine menu featuring many items grown or raised in Loudoun County. On this night, dinner was not included with the play. However, the balance of show dates do (Saturday, February 11 is sold out).

Produced by Run Rabbit Run Theater, the performance was executed by young, passionate actors who did a fine job with parts that were often challenging. In this humorous study of human expectations, complexity of the dialog lured the audience into thoughtful consideration of understanding, sprinkled with copious belly laughs. One might call this an intellectual play that explores human emotion and relationships. The serious side of this study was frequently offset by sharp wit. The audience laughed out loud throughout the performance. Run Rabbit Run Theater was founded by Meredith Bean McMath. a prize-winning playwright who has produced many plays and performances here in Loudoun County.

The actors faced challenging parts in preparation for this play. One particular scene involved a man and woman. The man spoke in a language where familiar words were concatenated in unfamiliar ways. Some would call this babble. By replacing expected words in a sentence, with out of context words, a unique language was used. The man’s job was teach the woman how to speak this language. Remembering the lines for this particular scene must have been difficult.

In another scene, a man and a woman meet at a cafe. As they get to know each other, their expectations are explored in creative ways. When one answers a question with an undesirable reply, a bell is struck and the response changes. When a desired bit of dialog is reached, the conversation continues. This fast paced, and hilarious, scene was a study in the human perception of others.

In closing, this play is highly recommended. It is wonderfully written, well executed and acted. The comfortable small-venue setting of Grandale Farm lent itself perfectly to the level of audience intimacy expected of the script.











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