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First Friday in Leesburg, Virginia – Feb 3, 2012

First Friday in Leesburg, Virginia – Feb 3, 2012

Last night I had the opportunity to experience First Friday in Leesburg, Virginia. This monthly happening invites all to stroll the streets of downtown while businesses stay open late and temp passerby’s with live music, art, wine and food. Last night the streets were jammed with bundled up folks who were eager to hop from place to place sampling the best the county has to offer. It was quite a lively scene.

A band singingPictured here is the band Joey and the Waitress, who played at the Photoworks studio in the center of Leesburg. As they played, art patrons browsed photographs taken by Loudoun County High School students including Samm Rorke, Emma Weed, Allison Bills and Elizabeth Van Tol. Perched on the second floor, the lively studio overlooked the lit streets below. What a terrific atmosphere!

Neil and KD, who operate Photoworks, feature different artists every month. As it so happens, they are both award winning photographers themselves. Pictured below is a table of snacks with an impressive backdrop. It was enjoyable to listen to the music and watch the folks down on the streets wending their way through their festive atmosphere.

Following the Photoworks visit, I walked a half a block to the Cooley Gallery. This place was filled with people looking at the multitude of art, sipping wine and commiserating. It is just amazing at how lively a galley can be. In attendance were several notables from the Loudoun wine making community.Table of food Stephen Mackey, of Notaviva Vineyards, was on hand pouring, and chatting up, his wonderful wine. Yes, he was wining. But the kind of wining that the room was obviously enjoying. I won’t mention the other notables mingling in the crowd here, we’re not that kind of website. 🙂 Hi Rachel!

Continuing the whirlwind tour of Leesburg on this chilly night, I landed at Tally Ho Theatre which features comedy troops every weekend. This night was the Last Ham Standing comedy show. Modeled after Last Comic Standing, this event offers four comedians who act out impromptu skits driven mostly by participation from the crowd.  One skit involved collecting four cell phones from audience members. The comedy team then created instant drama by reciting actual text messages found on the phones. As this happened, friends in the audience texted the phones, which added to the spontaneous insanity of the skit.

The event was sold out this evening, tickets were $10 at the door. You can’t beat the value here. Hilarity ensued non-stop for two hours while the two-male, two-female crew laughed, cried, screamed and waved arms about like drunken scarecrows. This event is highly recommended.

Hardly the world’s worst, these folks had the entire place roaring with laughter. We at Loudoun Arts rate this event four paint brushes.

Comedians on stageFollowing the giggles, I found myself at King’s Court Tavern for open mic night. This place was also filled with people who were obviously enjoying themselves. The evening wound down with a Reuben and a Sierra Nevada. Overall, the First Friday event in Leesburg was simply terrific. Warm faces, high spirits, the historic district setting and the arts. It may not get any better than this.



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