Loudoun Music Gallery

Loudoun Music Gallery

Purcellville live musicThe Loudoun County region of northern Virginia is fortunate to be experiencing a growth in the live music scene. Everything from good old rock and roll to bluegrass like you’ve never heard. Even five years ago is was hard to find regularly scheduled music events in the county. This is no longer true, as music venues continue to grow. The local music scene has been greatly affected by the local boom in home grown wine, beer and distilled liquors.

These venues continually look to bring events to their vineyards and breweries. With more than forty wineries in the area, the venues for music continue to thrive. Who benefits from the live music demand? Not only use the music loving public, but also the towns where these venue are located. Loudoun has become a weekend destination for the metro DC area crowd.

The local Bluegrass scene is thriving, and bands we know and love are helping to refine what that means in modern day. Bands like The Woodshedders, Dry Mill Road and Furnace Mountain are pushing the limits of this genre, while introducing local flair. You’ll often hear a diverse mix of old school, rock, cheery rap undulations and Americana. Since we’ve followed many of these bands over the years, a great collection of photos have come together. For this reason, we created a Loudoun Music Gallery. Visit the gallery to learn more about these musicians: Loudoun Music Gallery.


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