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Oatlands Plantation’s Historic Greenhouse

Oatlands Plantation’s Historic Greenhouse

In June of 2011, Oatlands Plantation celebrated the 200th birthday of their greenhouse. Built in 1810, the most advanced materials and techniques of the day were used in its construction. With a glass roof and southern facing glass wall, the facility captures much of the daily sun as it makes its way across the sky. The balance of the building of made of brick.

The pipes, attached to the interior brick walls, are connected to the fireplace. The internal system for heating and cooling were balanced by heat from the sun, the fireplace and cool cellar which served as a multi-functional aspect of this building. This environmentally driven system was highly efficient for growing in cold months, especially for its time.

Historic greenhouse in Leesburg, VA

The greenhouse is noted as being the second oldest such structure in the country. In its restored state today, it looks much like it did 200 years ago, when it provided produce year round. It open and available for the public to see on most days. It is occasionally closed for events or maintenance.
The historic mansion (below) rests a short distance from the greenhouse. A tour of this beautiful historic home provides the feeling of stepping back in time. Plantations can be found all over the state of Virginia, but Oatlands stands out for its grandeur and rich history of early farming. This National Trust location hosts events throughout the year, including the well attended annual horse race know as Point To Point. They also serve the Loudoun art community with several events through out the year. The location is also made available to photographers under an established program.

Magestic historic plantation house

Locations such as this provide a one stop site for producing Virginia photography. With its rich gardens, long covered roads and paths, staff quarters and mansion, the grounds provide something new upon every visit. Oatlands Plantation is a wonderful place for the family to visit and take in local Loudoun history.

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