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Paintings at Purcellville Town Hall

Paintings at Purcellville Town Hall

Loudoun artistsPaintings by Loudoun artist Dana Thompson are now on display at Town Hall in Purcellville. As part of an initial effort by the Purcellville Arts Council (PAC), art will be featured in businesses and organizations.

Dana is an award winning painter with decades of show experience. Her colorful still life paintings stir playful emotions while begging the eyes to examine details more closely. Some of her work (not shown here) is painted on large canvases that fill wallspace, she’s not afraid to work in huge format. Playful selections in her compositions hark of romantic images of growing up in another time.

She also likes to play with light; Reflections, shiny and translucent objects. Her work is often full-frame, pushing the viewer further into the scene. The “weight” of the objects is projected onto the viewer, nearly causing participation in the scene. Playful, colorful and curiosity-inducing. Do make time to view Dana’s work at:

Town Hall in Purcellville
221 South Nursery Avenue
Purcellville, VA
(540) 338-7421

paintings on display Dana_Thompson_Painting2

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