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Purcellville Music and Arts Fest 2015

Purcellville Music and Arts Fest 2015

festival LoudounThe 2015 Purcellville Music and Arts Festival was recently held on Saturday, May 16 at Fireman’s Field. This being the second annual occurrence, the town community came out for a day of sunshine in the park, it couldn’t have been a better day. Hundred of folks of all ages flowed in and out as the days events played out.

The PMAF event itself is organized and operated by the Parks and Rec Advisory Board, which it’s members donate hundreds of hours of volunteer work to make PMAF happen. The Loudoun Valley Arts organization was responsible for the visual art aspect of the days events. That 501c3 is funded by the Purcellville Arts Council.

Purcellville Music & Arts Fest 2015

Festival Artwork

Visual artists showed early in the morning to drop off their art work for the juried show. With nearly 50 pieces entered, Catherine Hillis had her work cut out for her. It was her job to judge the work for cash awards. Each artist could submit up to two pieces, which were hung by volunteers and assigned numbers.

Purcellville Music & Arts Fest 2015

Inline 4 Table Top Drawer Sorter by Craig Penzien

Entered were paintings of all mediums, photography, mixed media and fiber arts. The Best 3D was a complex piece involving the motor from a Corolla, called “Inline 4 Table Top Drawer Sorter”, created by Craig Penzien. The engine pieces were skillfully sculpted into a table of sorts, complete with a glass top and cam rod atop. Pictured here.

Purcellville Music & Arts Fest 2015

Hamilton Elementary Student Artwork

Displayed in areas through the Bush Tabernacle, or skating rink, were artwork from schools across western Loudoun. Pictured here are submissions from Hamilton Elementary. Artwork like this could be seen along the perimeter of the rink. Providing an opportunity for children to show their work encourages creativity and confidence in their everyday lives. It also enriches our community with a diverse cultural celebration of life.

Purcellville Music & Arts Fest 2015

The Hamilton Trio

As the skating rink became filled with creative pieces, different musicians played throughout the day. Pictured here is the Hamilton Trio. I’ve seen them play several times in the past, but did not appreciate their local pedigree, wow! Visit their website to learn more about the impressive history of these three legacy classical music musicians. classicaltrio.com.

As if this weren’t enough, there was a full line up of music acts on two stages. The bands started playing at around 11:30. They came from all over western Loudoun came to entertain the families that brought blankets, kids and dogs for the day of fun.

Purcellville Music & Arts Fest 2015

The Shamrockers

Starting the musical line up were the Shamrockers, a collection of music students from Shamrock Music Shop in Purcellville. They played choice rock tunes from the seventies and eighties to an enthusiastic crowd. They were followed by The Immortals, which due to their name, lives on year after year. Based out of Loudoun Valley High, band members pass through the group as they progress out of school. They are then replaced with new, incoming students who help to carry the legacy forward, in eternity.

Purcellville Music & Arts Fest 2015

The Immortals

The Darby Brothers played later that day, just ahead of predicted rain storms. They played favorites from Lez Zeppelin and other class rock hits. When the rain finally did come, equipment was covered and folks ran for cover. Roughly an hour layer the rain stopped and headliner Robbie Limon band regrouped to play.

Purcellville Music & Arts Fest 2015

The Darby Brothers

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