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Reception at Art Square in Leesburg

Reception at Art Square in Leesburg


Art Square hosted a well attended reception at their Leesburg, Virginia studios last night. Earlier in the evening, this scene would have shown a packed house. We estimate that 150 art lovers were on hand for this event. Further proof that the arts in Loudoun County are thriving.

Art Square opened in March 2010 and in doing so, combined three former studios into one. Some of you may recall Gallery 222 and the King St. Studio. These places, along with the Loudoun Academy of the Arts, joined forces under one roof. Leesburg Today readers have voted Art Square the best place to see art in Loudoun County. Today, this thriving hub of the art community offers studio space for artists, galleries with ongoing exhibits and a bevy of art instruction classes. Some of the classes include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, fiber arts, film making and more.

PainterThe reception this evening featured the work of Courtney Murphy and and Jessica Wilson. Courtney’s exhibit, called “Burn the Corset. Watch the Flame“, and Jessica’s exhibit “Shapes and Shadows” featured selections of fine paintings that displayed a high degree of skill and talent. Courtney’s work demonstrates how realism can be portrayed using minimal brush strokes, a truly amazing skill to behold. She paints mostly female subjects dressed in flowing materials. The use of high contrast lighting makes the subject matter even more challenging. Jessica’s paintings depict pastoral scenes with the use of a muted palette, embedding the viewer in a soft, almost dreamy atmosphere. This combination provokes the feeling of standing in the place depicted on a warm day with gentle breezes.

Courtney, pictured above, has a Masters Degree in Fine Art Painting and also teaches. She said that when painting, a twelve or fourteen hour session is typical for her. The body of her work demonstrates a high degree of dedication to her art. She is inspired by body language and telling stories with ending left to the viewer.

PainterPictured here are three paintings by Jessica Wilson. These local landscape paintings are created in a quasi-folk art style, with the exception that a high degree of care is given to each facet within the pieces. The result is a pleasing effect that makes the viewer feel as though they are there. With a heavy emphasis on light and shadows, the viewer is forced to see shapes provided by mother nature that are easily overlooked in the real world. Each of Jessica’s paintings, in this vain, forces the viewer in and to study her obvious intention to highlight the magic of light.

There were several other artists on hand this event. Some of them included Libby Stevens, Mary Champion, Dana Thompson and Linda Hendrickson. Each of them painters, the aggregate body of work on display this night was impressive. Represented were a wide range of styles and subject matter. Below you will find more information about these artists.











Artist Mary Champion proudly displays her landscape paintings. Learn more about Mary’s work at this website: wlast.org/marychampion.htm.











Painter Linda Hendrickson stands next to her colorful pieces. You can learn more about Linda’s work at: www.LindaHendrickson.net









The vibrant work of Dana Thompson. You can learn more about Dana’s paintings at: DanaThompsonDesigns.com.











Painter Libby Stevens depicts color local landscapes. Learn more about her work here: LibbyStevens.com


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