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The Bluemont Fair is the real deal

The Bluemont Fair is the real deal

Loudoun artists and vendors

Vendors in front of the Bluemont Community Center

There was a time when the simplest of community machinations were put on display for enjoyment, sharing and learning. Doing so served many a purpose that benefitted the community as a whole, while delivering harmony. The purpose didn’t need to be defined, it was self evident.



The Bluemont Fair is the real deal, delivering of this age old promise. The community gathers to share what they know, market goods they crafted, or grew, themselves.

Loudoun culture and artsThese folks can speak at length about their approach, materials, soil or tools.

Skilled craftsmen, performers, bakers, blacksmiths, farmers, weavers, minstrels and flower tenders filled the streets to not only offer goods, but demonstrate the process of their craft. The educational benefit did not defining, it was understood and important.

Modern community events often stray from these important themes. Instead, exalting sponsors and brands as point of attraction. Lacking lasting value, these corpo-events leave nothing to be imagined. The real value generated by artisans and growers is sidelined in the name of profit.


Loudoun livestock cheese

Loudoun goats on relax on a hot fair day.

There’s nothing wrong with generating revenue, but seeking profit first is not a sustaining model for creating community events with lasting value. A huge four percent of our national GDP is generated by the arts, adding roughly $700 billion to our economy. This is happening because artists are reflecting, and helping to define, our local culture.

The surrounding community wants to own this, because they should. They want to be involved, they want to influence, and they want to talk about what makes them proud to live in their areas. Promote these important things and everyone profits. Not for the next quarter, but for the next generation.



The first time Pepsi sets up a booth at the Bluemont Fair, we’ll know that the tide has turned. For now, we have a real, beautiful event in our own back yard.

bluemont art show

Local artists display their paintings in the art show.

Loudoun performers

An organ grinder plays for the passing crowd.

Loudoun Singers Chorus

Chorus of the Old Dominion performs for the crowd.


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