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Crisp, sunny afternoon at Bluemont Vineyard

Crisp, sunny afternoon at Bluemont Vineyard

Winery sign“Wintering” at Loudoun’s vineyards and wineries can be an exhilarating experience, especially when the wind howls and temperatures are stalled in the mid-thirties. However, overlooking this is easy with a warm fire, smiling faces and a spectacular view that nearly reaches Washington, DC. Bluemont Vineyard is such a place, and I had the opportunity to visit the establishment over the weekend.

Winter often renders the Loudoun landscape in tan and ochre hues. Spotted with naked trees, the countryside screams for the lush green of spring, locally referred to as emerald. Bluemont Vineyard sits atop a winding road that meanders through vines and orchards. Temporarily painted in these winter colors, the vineyard was absent of grapes. Alas, they awaited in bottles at road’s end.

The stone and clapboard tasting room juts from the side of the Blue Ridge, wrapped with a generous deck and plenty of outdoor seating. Inside, there are two floors each set in a modified barn setting. Painted with modern clean colors, the warm interior resembles that of a ski resort. The walls are decorated with local Bluemont flair; folk art, farming and wine making.

On this day, a bottle of the Viognier was ordered, which here is called The Goat. Like many Viognier wines, this one offers an aromatic bouquet with the sweet taste of pears and spice. The follow through is a spicy punch that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. I also bought a bottle to bring home. Delicious!

The vineyard offers a full selection of wine, all named after animals. These range from The Ram Merlot, to The Horse, their brand of Cabernet Franc. The complete wine offering can be found on their Wines Page.

Bluemont Vineyeard offers a light fare menu that includes breads, cheeses and meat. I ordered a warm baguette that came with three fruit toppings. Between the Goat, the baguette and warm fire, it was rather perfect. The second floor has a gift shop that offers Loudoun made items, produce and art.

People drinking wine on a deck.

On this initial visit, the tasting rooms were nearly full, upstairs and down. Brave souls would venture onto the deck for brief moments of sunshine, enhanced by spectacular views of our wonderful county. The atmosphere was comfortable and relaxed. Patrons were smiling and enjoying the crisp day on the side of the ridge. While some wineries can be a bit stuffy, that was not the case here. Pictured are visitors who agreed to appear in this post. Their expressions say it all.

The stylings of the Larry Thomas Project ensued on the second floor. The two guitarists played soulful music that blended perfectly with the day. They play throughout the metro DC area, and have a performance at the Ronald Reagan building next week.

Musicans playing guitar.The staff was entirely friendly and helpful. I introduced myself Bruce, one of the managers, inquiring about their event listings. We would love the opportunity to add their events to our events calendar. Here at Loudoun Arts, we aim to spread the word on local events in the area.

Do you have events that we should know about? Do you have a location that the Loudoun art community should be aware of? We’d like to hear from you.


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