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Museums in Loudoun typically offer information about the rich history of our area, With roots dating back to the founding of our country, Loudoun has farmed, raised livestock and waged war. The railroad brought visitors from DC, while conversely delivering local goods to the city, including milk. Many of our museums have back rooms filled with precious artifacts that are placed on display on a rotating basis.

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Art Galleries

Loudoun County, Virginia is fortunate to have a large number of highly talented artists. While many of them fill the expected roles of photographer or painter, several others support local traditions and culture through the use of local materials and components. Galleries in Loudoun will feature this local flare. You may find pieces constructed of barn siding, or large canvases framing scenes of rolling hills dotted with hay bales. It is difficult to attend an exhibit anywhere in the county without seeing scenes of horses.

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Music Venues

The live music scene in Loudoun is moderate in size, but growing, The Leesburg area has a long history of live music, which continues to this day. Music in western Loudoun is finally started to grow. In recent years, the local vineyards have featured musicians on the weekends. Purcellville has seen a marked increased in live music venues and events. There are many, many local bands that play everything from Celtic to hard rock. There is a growing underground scene in the county that blends Bluegrass with modern sounds. Find such live events listed on this website.

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Loudoun is active with dance schools and performances throughout the year. To learn more, visit the Dance page.